Unikátní šperky vyrobené v souladu se zásadami udržitelné mody


Our limited collection Elements was inspired by the idea of five elements that is found in many ancient cultures. We created this collection as a tribute to the Alchemists of Prague, an obvious choice as this beautiful city is where we are based these days. But in search for the origin of the idea of elements we had to dig deeper into the past philosophies to the old days of India, China and Tibet whose understanding of the world was based around these ideas. They saw the basics in water, air, fire, earth and then the fifth, a mysterious one, aether, the invisible complexity of life. The Alchemists, the first scientists of the Western world in the 16th century adjusted these to fire, earth, water, wood and metal. This was simply because of a very different view of the world that was somehow limited but lack of knowledge and by religious beliefs. Let's look at these inscrutable people who inspired our rings.

These men from all over Europe, and they were only men because this was the Renaissance and women were not really allowed to have any freedom, let alone education, flocked to Prague to the court of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. of Habsburg. He is said to had been mad but who knows, some believe that he was just so ahead of his time that he was dismissed as insane by his family. Whatever the case, he did spent a lot of money searching for the Philosopher's stone which was a mysterious missing substance that would allow to turn metals into stones and even bring eternal life and infinite wisdom. This notion was obviously very much a product of its time when having gold brought one huge power and living a little bit longer in the still dark times of really bad hygiene was an obvious wish for many. People still want to be rich and live a long healthy life today but we seek these things with other means. Among these obscure men were serious, smart people who really were after knowledge, mathematicians such as John Dee, who was also an advisor to the Queen Elisabeth I. but also adventurers, swindlers and charlatans such as Edward Kelley who falsely claimed he had a degree from Oxford and got even arrested by Rudolf for not being able to to deliver the impossible results he kept promising. 

Despite the fact that today we know that there are many more elements and the world is so complex that one person alone cannot ever explain it all, we like the idea of the four basic elements that rule the life as philosophers of the past had seen them: the earth or soil, air, fire and water. These combined together is what life consists of but it needed the last mystical addition, the missing piece, the aether,  Pholosopher's stone or whatever you call it. This enigmatic element is in our collection called simply The Fifth, the rest you find under Latin names, air as CAELI, water as AQUA, fire as IGNIS, earth as TERRA.

For us the idea of turning other materials in gold has another aspect. We love what we do but the impact our products have on the environment is worrying. That is why decided to use Fairmined gold that is mercury free and does not poison the beautiful nature around. We would like to turn the dirty gold into something what it should be, an alluring shiny metal used for pretty jewellery that we use as a tokens of love, a way to promise each other love till death do us part and family heirlooms that we can proudly pass on. Or we can juts become bored with the piece and get it remade to something new.